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Program (preliminary)
The plenary session room will have one overhead projector, one screen, and one data projector.
SAGT does not provide computers for any speaker.

If an electronic presentation is planned, the speaker must use his/her own computer (VGA Analog Plug, 230V/60Hz Euro Plug - no 110V Support).

The contributed talks should have a length of 20 minutes, plus some additionally minutes for discussion.

April 30th - Wednesday

  • 09:00 Registration at the foyer of the HNF (venue)
  • 10:30 Opening of SAGT 2008
  • 11:00 1st Session: "Routing & Scheduling I"
    Session Chair: Petra Berenbrink
    Martin Hoefer and Alexander Souza
    The Influence of Link Restrictions on (Random) Selfish Routing.

    Dimitris Fotakis
    Congestion Games with Linearly Independent Paths:
    Convergence Time and Price of Anarchy.

    Leah Epstein and Rob van Stee
    The price of anarchy on uniformly related machines revisited.

    Michal Feldman and Tami Tamir
    Approximate Strong Equilibrium in Job Scheduling Games.
  • 12:30 Lunch Break
  • 14:00 2nd Session: "Markets"
    Session Chair: Bernhard von Stengel
    Shuchi Chawla and Tim Roughgarden
    Bertrand competition in networks.

    Moshe Babaioff, Patrick Briest and Piotr Krysta
    On the Approximability of Combinatorial Exchange Problems.

    Pavlos Efraimidis and Lazaros Tsavlidis
    Window-Games between TCP flows.

    Ronen Gradwohl
    Price Variation in a Bipartite Exchange Network.
  • 15:30 Coffee Break
  • 16:00 Colloquium in honour of Burkhard Monien
      within the Colloquium:

      Invited Talk
      Christos Papadimitriou
      The Search for Equilibrium Concepts.
      18:00 Bus transfer from the venue to the historical town hall of Paderborn
      19:00 Reception including buffet on invitation of the Mayor of Paderborn

May 1st - Thursday

  • 09:00 3rd Session: "Routing & Scheduling II"
    Session Chair: Berthold Vöcking
    Dimitris Fotakis, Alexis Kaporis and Paul Spirakis
    Atomic congestion games: fast, myopic and concurrent.

    Gunes Ercal, Rafit Izhak-Razin, Rupak Majumdar and Adam Meyerson
    Frugal Routing on Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks.

    Rainer Feldmann, Marios Mavronicolas and Andreas Pieris
    Facets of the Fully Mixed Nash Equilibrium Conjecture.

    Matthias Englert, Thomas Franke and Lars Olbrich
    Sensitivity of Wardrop Equilibria.
  • 10:30 Coffee Break
  • 11:00 4th Session: "Mechanism Design"
    Session Chair: Peter Widmayer
    Richard Cole, Shahar Dobzinski and Lisa Fleischer
    Prompt Mechanisms for Online Auctions.

    Jon Feldman, S Muthukrishnan, Evdokia Nikolova and Martin Pal
    A Truthful Mechanism for Offline Ad Slot Scheduling.

    Vincenzo Auletta, Paolo Penna, Giuseppe Persiano and Carmine Ventre
    Alternatives to Truthfulness are Hard to Recognize.

    Markus Blaeser and Elias Vicari
    Distributed Algorithmic Mechanism Design and
    Algebraic Communication Complexity.

  • 12:30 Lunch Break
  • 14:00 Invited Talk
    Reinhard Selten
    Experimental Results on the Process of Goal Formation and Aspiration Adaption.
  • 15:00 Coffee Break
  • 15:30 5th Session: "Potpourri of Games"
    Session Chair: Dov Monderer
    Nadine Baumann and Sebastian Stiller
    The Price of Anarchy of a Network Creation Game with Exponential Payoff.

    Ulrich Faigle and Britta Peis
    A Hierarchical Model for Cooperative Games.

    Arndt von Schemde and Bernhard von Stengel
    Strategic characterization of the index of an equilibrium.

    Oren Ben-Zwi and Amir Ronen
    The Local and Global Price of Anarchy of Graphical Games.
  • 17:00 Guided Tour through the world's largest Computer Museum (HNF)
  • 18:30 Bus transfer from the venue to Gut Ringelsbruch
  • 19:00 Conference Dinner at Gut Ringelsbruch

May 2nd - Friday

  • 09:00 Invited Talk
    Paul Spirakis
    Approximate Equilibria for Strategic Two Person Games.
  • 10:00 Coffee Break
  • 10:30 6th Session: "Solution Concepts"
    Session Chair: Dimitris Fotakis
    Sébastien Hémon, Michel de Rougemont and Miklos Santha
    Approximate Nash Equilibria for multi-players Games.

    Amos Fiat and Hila Pochter
    Subjective vs. Objective Reality - the Risk of Running Late.

    Felix Brandt and Felix Fischer
    On the Hardness and Existence of Quasi-Strict Equilibria.

    Christine Chung, Katrina Ligett, Kirk Pruhs and Aaron Roth
    The Price of Stochastic Anarchy.
  • 12:00 7th Session: "Cost Sharing"
    Session Chair: Marios Mavronicolas
    Janina Brenner and Guido Schäfer
    Singleton Acyclic Mechanisms and their Applications to Scheduling Problems.

    Shahar Dobzinski, Aranyak Mehta, Tim Roughgarden and Mukund Sundararajan
    Is Shapley Cost Sharing Optimal?

    Niv Buchbinder, Liane Lewin-Eytan, Seffi Naor and Ariel Orda
    Non-Cooperative Cost Sharing Games via Subsidies.

    Yvonne Bleischwitz and Florian Schoppmann
    Group-Strategyproof Cost Sharing for Metric Fault Tolerant Facility Location.
  • 13:30 End of SAGT


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